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Department of Paediatrics

We all love our children and don’t want them to ever fall sick, but still when they fall sick, we always rely upon the top hospitals in gurgaon. Now, you can get your children treated from the best pediatricians at Lifeaid Medical Centre, which is been listed amongst the best child hospital in Gurgaon.

Infants, toddlers and children are more prone to sickness than adults due to a weak immune system. Naturally, parents are distressed about their children’s well being.

Lifeaid Medical Centre’s trained and licensed pediatricians conduct a complete history and examination of your children. They develop the best possible treatment plans for your children and help to cure them from their medical problems in shortest possible time. It’s one of the best child hospital in Gurgaon.

Common Conditions that we treat

  • Cold / Cough / Flu
  • Skin Issues / Rashes
  • Other Illnesses and Infections
  • Children’s growth development concerns

Doctors On-board

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