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About Us

The journey of Lifeaid Medical Centre  started 20 years back when the doctor couple Dr. Ashit and Dr. Avantika Sharma decided to start their practice at Gurgaon. The surgeon and gynaecologist duo were seeing patients at multiple hospitals of Gurgaon and nearby areas. Their efficiency in patient management and the superior skills in the surgical work made them popular with their patients and the practice grew to such levels that they decided to start their own hospital. In the year 2001 they started Lifeaid Medical Centre behind Punjab National Bank, fountain chowk, near Main Bus Stand of Gurgaon. The centre took off immediately and was strongly patronized by their patients. This hospital was 20 bedded with all the basic facilities. Finally they managed to get a government approved land for building their dream hospital and thus Lifeaid Medical Centre moved to its current premises in the year 2011.

Lifeaid Medical Centre is spread over 12000 square feet covered area and is elegantly designed to suit the tastes of the highly demanding patients of the millennium city. The multi-storeyed hospital has OPD Services, Diagnostics(lab, ultrasound & digital X-Ray), Two Fully Equipped Operation Theatres, Labour Room, ICU, Patient`s Lift and Beautiful Patient Rooms for a comfortable stay at the hospital where patients feel at home.

Our values are enshrined in our name LIFEAID. Each letter of the word signifies our values
Instant Attention
Full Transparency
Advance Technology

“To be nationally respected for excellence in patient care and most trusted for personalized co-ordinated care.”
“To provide each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service and compassion, we would want for our loved ones.”

A logo is a symbol that represents a concept which projects a larger framework to the mind. Logos can be simple, entailing one theme or a complex arrangement of shapes that convey several messages.Ron Gordon

Our logo is a reflection of the approach we undertake towards our patients. It is an embodiment of our managment concepts. The Butterflies in our logo symbolises 5 realms of life.
The Process of returning to life is called Resurrection.
In a butterfly’s life cycle there is a period where they go dormant in order to get a new lease of life and start afresh on their journey. Similarly in our lives we also go into a dormant phase during illness. At Lifeaid, we help our patients rejuvenate, free themselves of ailments and start afresh towards a healthier life.
The Process of passing from one stage to the other.
As a butterfly passes from cocoon stage to a beautiful being, we too help all our patients recover from the illness and make a smooth transition towards a healthy life.
To observe an occassion, day or an event with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing.
Colourful butterflies symbolise happiness and celebrations. These vibrant colours create a scenery on the canvas of nature. At lifeaid these colours are reflections of joy and pleasure that surrounds our patients during their stay and at the time of discharge.
The quality or condition of being illuminated.
Butterfly have a sense of lightness and joy. They are the reminders to get up and move. To make our patients free from disease and troubles is envisaged in our logo by these butterflies.
A quantitative assessment of uniformity.
At Lifeaid we believe in total transparency in the procedures and protocols and nothing is hidden. Patients trust us and we want to keep it that way.